Alphabetical Listing of Songs

A: Ascension

C: Come Walk With Me in Our Garden

E: Entering In


A More Excellent Way J16

A Perfect Heart V8

Are You Willing? A1

As I Wait A14

Attitude of Gratitude E3

Basking in the Sonshine A3

Celebrate S11

Can You Touch Me A8

Come Walk With Me in Our Garden C1

Cover Me J7

Cricket Song C5

Darlene's Song V11

Dance of the Eagle & Dove E10

Dear One S14

Embracing the Sea E13

Entering In E9

Father in Your Eyes E8

Father We Thank You A13

Flowing Out/Flowing In V7

Forever Friends S12

Garden of His Delight J22

Garden Pathway E6

Gentle Rest S16

Glory to My King C2

God of the Mountain J13

God Gave Me An Angel V2

Handle Me 1 J17

Happy Hearts S6

Heart to Heart E7

He Leads Me E1

Hidden Away In You A17, V4

Holo Holo E4

Hidden Away In You A17, V4

His Peace S15

I AM He That Liveth J19

I AM the Resurrection & the Life J18

I Can't Wait J2

I Embrace You E8

I Forgive You J8

I Love You S3

I'm Livin' Forever J10

I'm Releasing You J4

In His Kingdom A2

In the Garden C7







J: Joy Bringers

S: Symphony

V: Vessels of Light


Kanaka Wai Wai A11

Let Your Light Shine E5

Lifesong S9, V10

Love Song of the Dove C4

Loveliful Friend S13

Loving is Who I AM J21

Marriage of Spirits J9

Morningstars Song J1, V6

Mortal to Immortality J3

Mountain Meditation S8

My El, My King A13 (tape only)

No Measures or Time J23

Now I See the Light /Flowing C8

Now That I Know You A10

On Wings of Spirit J12

Our Time Is Come A7

Overcomers Song S2

Part of My Part S10

Peaceful Place E11

Peace in the Storm C3

Return to the Light V3

Ride the Rainbow C9

Silver Path of Life J20

Sing, Dance & Tell E2

Spiral Symphony E12

Spirit Friend S5

Spirit Power V9

Star Streams A6

Stretch Forth Your Hands 5 J24

Symphony A12, S1

Thank You S7

Thank You, My Friend C10

The Name of the Lord J14

There's a Man Standing on the River J6

This is My Father's World C6

Time to Love El Elyon More A14 (tape only)


Vessels of Light V4

Walkin' S4

We Know That We Know J11

Whispering Waters V5

Word Made Flesh 4 J5

You Are the Light A5

You Are What Is Seen A9




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