A1- Are You Willing?

A2- In His Kingdom

A3- Basking in the Sonshine


A5- You Are the Light

A6- Star Streams

A7- Our Time Is Come

A8- Can You Touch Me

A9- You Are What Is Seen

A10- Now That I Know You

A11 - Kanaka Wai Wai

A12 - Symphony

A13 - My El, My King ( tape only)

A14 - Time to Love El Elyon More (tape only)

A14 - As I Wait (A15 on tape)

A13- Father We Thank You (A16 on tape)

A15- Hidden Away In You (A17 on tape)

All songs written by Mary Lou unless otherwise indicated



Are you willing to be willing?

Can you be just as I AM?

Will you live and move

Within Me on the vine?

Can you soar just like the eagles

Who have found their place in Me?

Is your dwelling place

In Peace and Joy sublime?

Are you willing to be willing?

Will you walk this walk with Me?

Can you take your place

Within this Symphony?

Does your spirit leap within you

At the mention of My name?

Do you live and move

And breathe your life in Me?

Yes I'm willing to be willing

I AM being as I AM

And I live and move

Within the One True Vine

I AM soaring with the Eagles

Who have found their place with me

In our dwelling place

Of Peace and Joy sublime

I AM willing to be willing

As I walk this walk with you

I AM in my place within this Symphony

And my spirit leaps within me

At the mention of our name

As I live and move

And breathe my life with you



A song of Joy and Righteousness

And everlasting Peace

My spirit sings of wondrous things

And soars in sweet release

Now others join with Angels' songs

On tip toe nations wait

For Heaven's chosen to come forth

And open Heaven's gates

Come join us as we sing the song

Of life for every man

We choose pure Love's way here on earth

And purify the land

We have this right as Sons to live

The grave is not our way

In Joy and Peace and Righteousness

In Kingdom rest we stay

In everything we thank our King

And live in Him today



Basking in the Son-shine

Of His presence in you

My Father now appearing, coming into view

Angels are ascending and descending too

As the rainbow of His life shines through

In the glory of His presence

We are resonating truth

We have heard about His coming

And we now behold the proof



You are purest light that dawns in man

You are holy life, you are I AM

You are each star that kissed the night

True love breaks through your dawning light

You are each son, your radiance streams

Through all who seek beyond their dreams

You are, I AM the Truth, the Son

Our veil is torn, our El is one

We soar to heights somehow we've known

Through Heaven's gates I AM now home

In realms of joy and righteousness

In perfect peace our spirits rest



You are the light

You are my light in the earth

You are my life

You are my being

I send you forth in this new day

To walk upon my highway

Be filled with all my fullness

Be holy for I am holy

You are my very life in the storms

You are my light, you are my glory

You know I am the El of now

Leave yesterday, don't seek tomorrow

Just listen in your heart for me

My peace transcends the sorrow

You are the light

You are my glory

I am your song in the earth

I am your life, I am your story

You are my light, you are my glory



Star streams flowing from Heaven

Life dreams - reality sings

Spirit waves draw us together living His Love

Soaring as one on celestial wings

Enraptured Joy! We are one with another

Who really is the one that we are

This gathering stone

That has brought us together

Has lifted us to realms where we are known!

Life streams burst from within us

Love flows without and within

Heavenly bliss, so in Love with each other

Our Father's delight, expressing His Love

In our dance as He sings

All Heaven joins

As we dance with each brother

And live in realms pure Love has released

Our Father joys that we finally can see Him

And give creation His Love,

Life, Joy and Peace



This lovely hour is blessed by Heaven

Creation waited to see this day

Our fragrant flower of Love unfolding

Now manifesting Love's Kingdom Way

The High Way now laid before us

Each other's footsteps now walked as One

Three worlds of Blessing

Shared with Creation

At last my Dear One, OUR TIME IS COME

My Guardian Angel came by the Spirit

To carry me from death to Life

Now we're together and blessed forever

Restoring ALL THINGS

With Love's pure Light

We're the EXPRESSION, joined by the Spirit

Of Him who is Love, Truth and Life

Flowing together in Love forever

Restoring all things with Love's pure Light



Written by Rokus & Carolynne denHartog

In every realm I walk in

I cast a different shadow

And these are they men perceive me to be

If you will look today beyond the shadow

Then you will see me in my reality

Can you touch me in my substance

Can you see me as I really am

Can you know me in reality

If you can you are a living part of me

Awake to me awaken my beloved

Arise and shine thy true light now is here

We'll put away the death shrouds

Of our yesterday

As we're becoming

What we've always really been

Come walk with me

This pathway of perfection

Our steps will echo

Through the corridors of time

As we complete for every man his journey

And I AM yours and you are truly mine

And I can touch you in your substance

I can see you as you really are

I can know you in reality

Because I can you are a living part of me

My heart is filled with joy and expectation

Each part of me alive with ecstasy

As I can see our form is now appearing

And now I know our time is finally here

And you can touch me in my substance

You can see me as I really am

You can know me in reality

Because you can, I AM a living part of you

Our long long night of dreaming now is over

The dawning light of morning now is here

Within our hearts and minds

A perfect knowing

My love for you and every man is free





Written by Rokus & Carolynne denHartog

You are what is seen

Of Him who is invisible

You crystallize

The One who has no form

You localize

The One who is everywhere

And you're that One

My heart is longing for

You bear the name of Him

Who is unnameable

Whose name transcends

All other names that's named

You are the dawn

Of light that has no genesis

And you're that One creation's waiting for



Written by Rokus & Carolynne denHartog

Now that I know you

I can't be without you

Now that I've seen you

You're always on my mind

Now that I've touched you

I will always be with you

And now that I've loved you, I'm living in you


Traditional Hawaiian Hymn

Let me walk through paradise with you,

My Father, take my hand and lead me there

All my earthly treasure I will gladly give

Teach me how to love and how to share

Greed and lust and vanity were mine

Then I found your love so divine

And now on my knees

I pray I can find the way

Let me walk through paradise with you

Oh Yahweh, my Father

Guide my poor steps along this lonely road

Faith, Hope and Love

Will find the way before me

And I'll walk through paradise with you



Let your song come through

Let all of me be you

Play the strings of life in me

Father formed in me is all I choose to be

We shall be a symphony

In everything I say and do

Let my heart speak only you

Your life will freely flow from me

We two shall be as one

I come beloved one, I shall be your son

We shall live and move and be

Everything you said

That raised me from the dead

I'll love for eternity


A13- MY EL, MY KING (tape only)

You are my life, You are my joy

My everything, your praise I sing

You give me your peace

To walk in your ways

Through anything

I give to You my life, it's the most I can give

For in You I can live for today

I can be all You are

As You are Yourself in me

So a dying world can see Your face

Show a dying world through me Your face



You're my peace, You're my light

You're my calm through any storm

I'm released as I wait

In Your presence I AM formed

No dearer friend or companion

Than my Father

Can it be You wait for me?

There is no greater gift

For today on any shore

Than to know I've not missed

Time to love El Elyon more

Faithful, True, Righteous, Pure

Full of glory, brighter than stars

Author of holy love

The Most High is who you are

No dearer friend or companion

Than my Father

Can it be you wait for me?

Hail my King, Majesty

King of Glory, You I adore

I AM blessed in this rest

Time to love El Elyon more

A14 - AS I WAIT (A15 on tape)

In the awesomeness of Your holy presence

A veil torn in two

Perfect life flows from You as I wait

I'm reminded of how much You love me

Floods of joy fill my heart

We are One, not apart as I wait

Such peace beyond words

Such joy overflowing

I know, I have heard

Your voice, Your heart, Your light

King of all the universe, my Father

I remember this place

And Your Spirit's embrace as I wait

I exalt You, El Elyon, how I love You

Your love is so true

I'm so thankful for You

As I wait

I adore You, my Everlasting Father

As I kneel at Your throne

Overwhelmed I AM home

As I wait


A13 - FATHER, WE THANK YOU(A16 on tape)

Father, we thank You, Father

We lift our worship to You

Father, we love You, Father

You are our life

All that we are we give to You

Bring forth Your glory

We wait to bless You

Our hands to serve You we humbly raise

Our lips shall praise You

Kissed by Your Spirit

Creation shall hear it, Ancient Of Days


A15- HIDDEN AWAY IN YOU (A17on tape)

Hidden away in You, quiet waters flow

To the ones who know of You

Hidden away in You

In the mountains high

Where the eagles fly with You

I'm hidden away with You

With You is Peace, with You is Life

You are the hidden place of Light

Waves of Life wash over me

When I'm hidden away in You

Everlasting arms

Shield me from all harm in You

Hidden away in You, high above the storm

Spirit Life takes form in You

I'm hidden away with You

I'm hidden away with You

Still small voice will say

Come now, come away with You

Hidden away with You, in the mountains high

Where the eagles fly with You

I'm hidden away with You



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