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A writing by Mary Lou

I rose early and went for a walk on the ridge where my friends Dan and Diane live overlooking the lake in Middletown, California. As I walked among the rocks and trees, I spotted a deer about the same time as she saw me. Both of us mesmerized, I began to move closer and closer to her and sat on a rock nearby. Soon two more joined her and began edging closer to me as they sniffed the air for my scent. Wanting to make them more comfortable, I made myself appear smaller to them by moving down to the ground and projecting peace and assurance to them as I spoke softly to them of their beauty and my love and appreciation for them.

Soon there were eight deer with me, nearly surrounding me in their circle, walking back and forth and stepping closer with each pass. The two bravest of them came to within about five feet of me, as I began to sing to them the melody of "Come Walk With Me in Our Garden" and the closest one looked me right in the eye and then bowed her head to me. I knew she was bowing to the Christ within, and I also bowed in response to the same.

At that moment, a tiny yellow bird flew into the branches above me and we too exchanged the knowing of the love being expressed in that moment as he studied me from his perch and ate of the seeds on the tree. Three woodpeckers flew into the trees to my left, and began singing a song I have not ever heard them sing in fact I didn't know they could sing till that moment.

As I looked down on the lake, and again to each of the loveliful creatures who had come to greet me in this quiet place, I was overwhelmed with joy that my Father would orchestrate such an awesome experience for me with His creation, to pour out His love for me in such a wondrous way it was truly uncontainable, and as we all came down from the mountain of our Lord, and I made my way back to the house, Diane's first comment to me was that I was glowing yes, indeed, I had seen my Father face to face in His creation in a way only He could bring to me.

I invite you to ponder on these thoughts:
Know that you are making a difference in this world by every thought of peace, joy, righteousness and LOVE that you think and project! Every interaction with every being we encounter ultimately affects all of creation as we continue to walk in our Father's love and character! We are lifting creation into the awareness of His powerful LOVE!

Expect the Unexpected!

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