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A writing by Mary Lou

I have had many wonderful experiences in my quest to know Yahshua, the one known by most of the world as Jesus of Nazareth. From childhood, he has been my closest friend, confidant, and teacher; but this experience with him is the most lovely of all. Only those who have experienced the reality of heavenly visions from the realm of LOVE could begin to know the intensity of what I am about to share with you.

The timing was especially significant as it was the early morning of Valentines Day, and I had expressed my loneliness as a single woman without a sweetheart to celebrate it in my evening prayer the night before, just as I was falling off to sleep. The experience began as I dreamed I was in a car with many friends driving up to a white house in the country. I heard someone exclaim, "It's Jesus! He's here!"

We pulled up close to the house, and I felt to wait as each one in the car went out to meet him. Yahshua had just returned from working. (I perceived, he had been helping friends build something since he is a carpenter.) I waited patiently as he embraced each one, and rejoiced with them all that we would be so blessed to meet our Beloved in person! I noticed he was wearing a white natural linen robe like we so often see in paintings of him. When my turn came, I exited the car only to find him gone! My heart sank and I was bewildered as to why he would not have been there to embrace me as he did the others. I had waited so patiently making sure not to crowd them, giving each one time, preferring each one before myself; and now, I had missed the opportunity to meet the one person in all creation I wanted to meet more than anyone else!

I entered the house with a heavy heart and no understanding of why my Beloved Yahshua would have embraced everyone else and left before I came to him. Had I done something to displease him? Did he love me less than the others? I entered the house and walked into the living room alone. My friends had gone elsewhere to celebrate together their exciting encounter with the Prince of Peace and none had even seemed to notice that I was left out. I stood in the middle of the room, looking down at the multicolored rug and feeling very sorry for myself that I had been so neglected.

A warm feeling suddenly came over me as I noticed I was no longer dreaming, but was actually fully awake and I felt drawn to look down the hallway in front of me. There he was! ...my Beloved Yahshua!...freshly showered and walking right to me with arms open and the warmest smile I had ever seen. I felt my knees go weak and my heart pounded with excitement as he took my hands in his and began turning with me in a circle, looking lovingly into my eyes. His hair, still damp from the shower, was light brown with sun streaks through it and ended in a curve around his strong jaw line. He wore a light, closely trimmed beard slightly darker than his hair which accented the laugh lines in his face. The lines were deep with the many expressions of love he had given and his skin was bronzed from much time spent outdoors in the elements. He was wearing a soft, dark green cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up towards the elbows, and faded blue jeans. He is a medium sized man, just a few inches taller than me which made it possible for us to look right into each other's eyes...and those awesome eyes...like looking into heaven and the depths of the sea all at the same time...so full of love, so kind, so gentle, and so very comfortable as one I have known intimately forever. I felt suspended, as if my feet were not even touching the floor as we moved together in our circle of love.

Faster and faster, we circled and laughed like two little kids on a merry-go-round in a dance that felt like it could go on forever. He began to slow us down to a gentle stop, still grinning and eyes locked on mine. He leaned back, folded his arms and laughed a big belly laugh; but I noticed that I was still holding his hands and wondered how this could be. Though I tried to ask him how this was possible, no words came out; he continued to laugh as he placed his hands back into his hands and circled with me again in our joyous celebration dance. Again, he gently slowed us to a stop, and looking yet more deeply into my eyes, pulled me so close to his heart that I could feel it beating with my own. We held all creation in our embrace...the stars, the other worlds, the ends of time and back to now were all mine for what seemed an eternity and a moment all at the same time. Truly, I had never experienced such love and I wanted to hold him forever.

Ever so gently, the sweetness of the moment melted into the world I was used to seeing around me as I woke each morning. I was so overwhelmed with love and even today, I can still feel his embrace and see his deep blue eyes...the color of a clear summer sky at the horizon of the deep, calm, blue sea. The question was still rolling around inside me as to what had actually taken place when I danced in the embrace of the King of Love.if the hands I was holding were not Yashua's, whose hands were they? The answer came:

"No matter whose hands you hold, they are mine."

Mary Lou Christianson

Originally written February 18, 2002

Re-written August 29, 2005


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