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The Healer

"There is no out there out there".it is all inside you.it is about LOVE manifesting NOW through connection with the Inner Healer, the Inner Master, the Christ within. As we live as brothers and sisters in a community of LOVE, as masters of LOVE in this life, we honour the inner world, the fountain of creation expressing through us. Always we will celebrate the gifts of the fountain we received through others, as Yashua has given it to us.

It is no more the question who is higher or lower while the inside is expanding and reaches the peripheral. The ice is melting and the misuse of money and erotic, of energy in general for manipulation through fear, is uncovered. The idol is crumbling down and all those who can let go, are discovering the richness already manifesting in all aspects of life. There is only LOVE, everything else is only illusion which leads to sickness, poverty, misunderstanding and manipulation.

Mother Earth is ready for the change. Are you ready for the change? Are you ready to give to the All what belongs to the All? Are you ready to let go of the fears and step into Trust, Harmony and Knowing? Are you ready to leave everything for the All to receive? Are you ready for Healing?

This gift from the fountain of Christ consciousness supports all beings to let go and experience ONENESS with what is real. It is the time for you to enter the DoorWay, to open your heart for Adoration, and let Healing happen.NOW AND FOREVER, YOU ARE LOVED.

The Healer is designed especially for use with healing arts and contains the frequency of Christ and of the sea. 60 minutes total beginning with a 30 minute, uninterrupted musical journey from the void. the space into which the DoorWay of LOVE opens for the wave which has the possibility to become the particle.that which is yet unformed but exists as energy with the potential to be what is needed or desired.the energy frequency, the vibration which manifests as all we hear, see and feel in this world we call Earth. The Song of the Spirit is heard expressing the ADORATION of creation for the Creator who LOVES it into being. A simple melody flows into the open, trusting heart waiting in peace to experience the presence of the LOVE that passes all LOVE, that of the HEALER within.and then becomes a symphony of joy in knowing and embracing that all that is needed is here inside.and finally, as the tranquil waves of DIVINE LOVE caress our shore, our afflictions are washed out to sea and we are healed.

I AM, your peace.I AM, your light within.All you ever needed is here inside.

Ich bin dein Friede.Ich bin dein inneres Licht .Alles was du brauchst ist hier innen.

For optimum effect use headphones with the SoundVibrationPad (SVP) or SoundVibrationChair (SVC), or listen in a quadraphonic sound room.

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Also available on CD:

Laugh Trance Music Schenkt die Medizin des Lachens.

BIRTH 3 Geburtslieder ~ himmlische Musik aus Behandlungen.

Best of the Dove 16 Songs von einigen CDs.

Thank You, My Friend 18 Freundschafts- und Liebeslieder. Auf dieser CD sind sieben neue songs. Ruhige und beschwingte Lieder, auch zum Mitsingen.

Ascension Erfahre die Aufstiegsenergie in der Gegenwart des Göttlichen. Meditation und Gebet mit Mary Lou`s Musik verbunden mit heilsamen Naturklängen.

Celestial Song of the Dove Beinhaltet eine Chakrameditation. Instrumentalstücke auch mit Gesang, jedoch ohne Text. Gut auch als Hintergrundmusik bei Heilsitzungen, Meditation, Gebet usw.

Come Walk With Me in Our Garden Der Titelsong trägt uns wahrhaftig ins Erleben des wunderbaren Gartens, der diese Schöpfung ist und hinterlässt die Energie, die ganze Welt zu umarmen. Liebesgesänge und Hymnen.

Entering In Auf Adlers Flügeln entspannt dahingleiten. Musik mit Naturklängen für Meditation und Entspannung.

The Joy Bringers Freudvolle Lieder mit Mary Lou und Friends besingen die Leichtigkeit des Seins.

Symphony Heilende Klänge in verschiedenen Stilen und instrumentierung.

Vessels of Light Songs die tief berühren, entspannen. Mit dem Herz in die Mitte kommen. Im Stil klassischer Musik.


Laugh Trance Music Brings the good medicine of healing laughter.

BIRTH 3 BIRTHSONGS ~ Heavenly music from private sessions.

Best of the Dove A collection of 16 favorite songs from Mary Lou's albums.

Thank You, My Friend 18 Friendship/Love songs including seven new ones...a great gift to give to a friend!

Ascension Experience the presence within and worship with original music in an intimate presentation of healing nature sounds.

Celestial Song of the Dove Instrumental with vocalese (vocals without lyrics) good background for healing arts, study, prayer and meditation.

Come Walk With Me in Our Garden Join nature's symphony to worship in the garden with new songs and traditional hymns.

Entering In Soar on eagles wings with restful original music and nature sounds for worship and meditation.

The Joy Bringers White Dove & Friends sing happy songs of the happy God, the savior of all and condemner of none.

Symphony Original inspirational music in a variety of styles and instrumentation and healing sounds.

Vessels of Light Classical and original inspirational music in a peaceful style for rest and worship.

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